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A user review on Honda Dio. Written by Kiriti Mortha on 29 March, 2013
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Good : Styling, fuel economy, acceleration, cheap spares
Bad : Comfort, battery issues, suspension, handling

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In my review I can't help but compare the Dio to its previous model.


The new Dio has sporty styling. The facelight on the head lights and the tail lamps reflect a version of teenage rebelion. They definitely catch your eye. The speedometer dials and instrument panels are pretty much the same as the old Dio except for the new fuel gauge. The dials are legible enough but lack a certain zing you get on its rivals.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Ride quality

As mentioned in the pros above, acceleration is the bike's selling point. It's extremely powerful and the light body helps you climb to a high speed in no time. However, the odd feeling handle bar (probably due to its short length) don't give you confidence at high speeds or for that matter even at low speeds. The suspension is hard and even a single rider will get tossed around on an average Indian road. The brakes however, serve their purpose and were designed to stop this vehicle at its highest speed.

A major let down that has been carried forward from the previous model is the battery problem. Firstly, it feels as if the battery power prescribed for the dio is underpowered, i.e., you get the feeling you need a bigger battery. This is because your lights go dim unless you accelerate. Secondly, the bike often dies if you don't hold a certain throttle. 

Final Words

The success of the previous model is owed to its acceleration, handling, road presence and fuel economy. Honda went wrong with the new Dio in a few key areas. While they nailed the sporty looks and retained a few important features from the previous model, they went phenomenonally wrong in putting this one together. Riding this bike is extremely taxing for even a small distance.

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