• Hero Passion X Pro

    Hero Passion X Pro

    I am yet to meet a person who hasn't seen the Passion motorcycle yet. The motorcycle is now as common as the proverbial cow on Indian roads. Just after the Splendor series of motorcycles from Hero MotoCorp, the Passion segment of bikes have become much of a preferred choice for the Indian customers. The Passion made its debut in 2001 and ever since then it has been the second largest selling motorcycle. With periodic cosmetic changes, the Passion was rechristened Passion Plus, then Passion Pro and an additional version was brought in and is being called the Passion X Pro.

    The motorcycle was introduced to the Indian motorcycle market to further boost Hero MotoCorp's already successful sales in the commuter segment of motorcycles. The company has tasted a fair bit of success with this bike in the recent months and we tested this motorcycle to know why.

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