India Bike Week 2014: Live updates

17 January 2014, 01:04 PM BikeWale Team

Day 1

India’s biggest two-wheeled pilgrimage a.k.a India Bike Week 2014 has begun from today and we are at venue in Vagator, Goa, covering it live. The schedule for the next two days is intense and covers everything single thing that would make a biker drool in delight. We have detailed the schedule so tune into BikeWale.   

The Harley Owners groups (H.O.G) from across India have arrived at the venue and have made their way into the venue.
Here are some custom Harley Davidsons live from the venue as well as another custom motorcycle with a 100cc Kinetic engine

Festivities and action is going on in full swing at India Bike Week 2014. The two-wheeler community in India have congregated to showcase their machines and show their allegiance to the various bike brands. The highlight of the day is the unveiling of the Harley Davidson Street 750 which will be unveiled in just a short time. While we wait for its unveiling you can check out some highlights of the custom biker build off which took place in the afternoon.


An interview with Ted Simon a noted British journalist and Octogenarian who has circumnavigated the globe twice (on two wheels) and is here today at India Bike Week 2014 to share his experiences and advice.


He was joined on stage by another noted British journalist Nick Sanders who holds a world record for circumnavigating the earth (32,070 km) in a time span of just 31 days and 20 hours. 


Ted Simon's in his speech said that as a traveller you should be prepared to take risks and that doing long journeys on motorcycles changes a person. He has written a book Jupiters travels: Four years around the world on a Triumph and his will premire at the venue tonight at 8 PM.  


Harley Davidson has unveiled the all-new Street 750 motorcycle at the ongoing 2014 India Bike Week. The entry-level motorcycle is built in India and is based on the new platform that has been developed specifically for emerging markets in Europe and Asia.

The Street 750 made its global debut at the 2013 EICMA in Italy, where the American manufacturer also unveiled the Street 500 that will be built and exported from India. Both these motorcycles will be built at Harley Davidson’s facility in Bawal, Haryana.

Here are few pictures from the Biker build-off arena:


Day 2

We are back on day two of India’s largest biking event-India Bike Week 2014 at Vagator in Goa.  Day one saw the arrival of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) as well as the hosting of the custom Biker Build Off, stunting show as well as interviews with legendary bikers Nick Sanders and Ted Simon.

Today’s highlights include a host of interviews with famous biking personalities from across the globe who have travelled for many kilometres across countries to participate in the Woodstock of biking.   

The crowds are pouring in by the dozen and we should soon reach the same level of excitment that we saw over the course of day one. 

Rage Motorsports have brought their dirt buggies to India Bike week 2014. Imposing and quite tough, they are believed to be as agile and fast as many of the two-wheeled beauties that are on display today. 

A new electric two-wheeler has just been unveiled. Dubbed the Nisarga, it is powered by a 36 Volt electric motor and can hit a top speed of 40kmph. stay tuned for pictures and details.

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Today's contests include the MRF Muscleman challenge which gives participants the chance to see how many MRF tyres they lift and sustain for a period of 30 seconds. Feel like proving your strength, then headover to MRF stall to pariticpate.

 The modified bike challenge is currently taking place at the main arena, so head over there if you want a glimpse of what a biker's ingenuity can really produce. We will give you all the details and pictures in just a short while. 

The electric bike is on display here.

The BikeWale Team is now in conversation with Martin da Costa, CEO, 70 EMG who are the organisers of India Bike Week. 


Now,our team is interviewing Ted Simon who is a noted journalist from Britain. He is sharing his experiences about his journey when he circumnavigated the globe twice on a two-wheeler.

He tells us that motorcycling is just a means of exploring and seeing the world. He surely inspired us to look at riding motorcycles in a whole different way. Be it solo or in a group its the spirit what counts.

Now that's what you call a good fight. Visitors to India Bike Week throng the ringside as they watch two boxers  get ready for a bout at the Full Contact Championship. 

TVS has a product on display at the Indoor Arena at India Bike Week.

One of the beauties display at the India Bike Week, Vintage Bike Section.

Here's a Monkey Bike and the rider seems to be doing just what the name suggests -Monkeying Around!

It is the last few hours of the India Bike Week 2014 and the evening is already turning wild. One can see bikers ride their machines around the arena, some of them revving their bikes for that extra hint of crazy. The music is perfect and as the day draws to a near, the crowds entering the arena can be seen swaying to the tunes, taking in the last few hours of the what is called the Woodstock of biking. 


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