Honda Racing school

11 October 2012, 12:05 PM Vikrant Singh

Part 1

Honda Racing School

Honda’s Racing Training is a school to help racers and aspiring racers to learn the right lines around a circuit in order to go faster.

There are riding schools. And then there are racing schools. Honda though does something in the middle; it isn’t as generic or detailed as a riding school, and neither is it as tremendously focused as a racing school. The idea here is to encourage and train newcomers who’d be the ideal target group for the Twister races that Honda runs as part of its One Make Championship. However, it was also flocked by expert racers, albeit all riding the modified Honda Stunner. This is the second time Honda has conducted this school in India and as per curriculum, the day beings with some '8' formation and slalom exercises. The purpose behind this is to get the right body position, but more importantly it helps understand the importance of a slower and wider entry into corners in order to exit faster and tighter, and help make up time in a race or simply cut lap times.

Next up, the trainers from Japan with world championship credentials teach you the racing lines as students follow them around the track. Then, the trainers follow to correct any flaws in a student’s riding technique. However, since the number of students is a lot and trainers just two, it’s best to go up to the trainer and ask about your riding rather than wait for them to comment on their own; because that’s rare.

Part 2

Honda Racing School

Day Two begins with a qualifying session with faster, more experienced riders clubbed into the expert class while the remaining classified at novices. After a good half an hour on the track for each class practising following the correct riding line, and other things like the correct body positioning and how to hold the bike better, a proper race follows.

It’s a good learning experience, is the Honda Racing Training school. But to make the best of it, it’s important to know more than just the basics of riding on a track. Overall though, given the cost and convenience of attending this school, it’s still worth it, even for a newbie.


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