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Viaterra Miller Urban Riding Jacket Review: Introduction

18 May 2023, 07:30 PM Anuj Mishra


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Summers in Mumbai can be unbearably hot. This is more of a concern for us road testers, in particular, who are out riding under the hot sun on most days. In such a scenario, among the important things for us are proper hydration and a good riding jacket comprising a lot of mesh. Well, guess what! Just when the summer is at its peak in Mumbai, Viaterra sent us their Miller Urban Mesh Riding jacket for review. As the name suggests, it’s meant to be worn in urban riding conditions mainly in hot weather to keep you cool on and off the bike. So, what all does it incorporate to achieve that goal? Read on to know.

The construction

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The two main materials this jacket is made up of are mesh and 600D polyester placed in strategic areas. At the front, the former is present on the inside section of arms and from chest to abdomen while the back portion is mostly occupied by mesh, except for a small part on top and at the bottom. These are supposed to be the hot spots on the rider’s body and the presence of mesh should allow for maximum air flow. The 600D polyester, which is meant to protect you from abrasion, is present around the shoulders and the outer part of your arms. 

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Viaterra has also included moisture-wicking mesh on the inside which is mainly responsible for pushing the sweat on the outer surface of the jacket and drying quickly to prevent the saturation of the material. One thoughtful addition by the brand is the Neoprene fabric trims on the edge of the collar and the wrists to prevent the rough fabric from scratching your skin and causing irritation. 

The fit

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From small to 3XL, Viaterra has almost all the common sizes available for the Miller. The chest and waist circumference of these sizes fall in the range of 90-114cm and 84-108cm, respectively, which vary depending on the chosen size. It’s advisable to first measure your chest and waist circumference with flexible tape before ordering to get the perfect fit. Also, the Miller has two Velcro-based adjustment straps for each arm, around the wrists, and one on both sides of the waist. 


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Starting with the protection part, the Miller features Powertector Air-tec type B level 2 armours for shoulders and elbows along with a thick and long Impact Core Pro armour for the back. It also gets level 2 chest armours, which is unusual for a jacket in this price range. Interestingly, all these armours boast large holes for good breathability. Other features of the Miller include YKK zippers, neatly placed reflectors, stretch panels at the back and elbow for freedom of movement, a YKK pant connector, and two zippered pockets on the front. 

What’s next?

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Now, the plan is to use the Viaterra Miller extensively over the next three months in the city and perhaps on long rides as well. The aim is to find out if it’s as effective in the summer as it’s touted by the brand in terms of breathability and comfort. Also, the extensive usage will give us a good judgement on the longevity of the jacket. 

Product Details

Brand: Viaterra

Model: Miller Urban Mesh Riding Jacket

Price: Rs 7,999

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi