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Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service: Review

09 October 2020, 09:26 AM Suvil Susvirkar


Royal Enfield Himalayan Right Front Three Quarter

The COVID-19 situation and the following lockdown resulted in long indoor days for most of us and our motorcycles. The country, however, has entered the unlock phase, and many owners are probably planning to get their motorcycles/scooters to the service centre. Royal Enfield’s “Service On Wheels” initiative brings you the convenience of a service centre at your doorstep, and we have already reviewed it for our readers. This time though, we took the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 out to the company’s First Store Mumbai Service Centre and here we share our experience.

The Workshop

Royal Enfield Himalayan Right Side View

The Royal Enfield First Store workshop is located in the Mahim region of Mumbai. The workshop is equipped with multiple bay areas for the motorcycles along with a washing zone, delivery area, and a customer lounge. The servicing and the washing areas are on the ground floor while the customer lounge is on the first floor. The lounge is equipped with a large television that gives a LIVE feed of the service bay area so that the owner can overlook the service procedure. The lounge also has motorcycles and accessories on display along with brochures of Royal Enfield products.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Right Side View

The service centre is stocked with all the necessary parts. Still, after confirming the service appointment, we received a call from the service centre manager, enquiring about the issues with the motorcycle to ensure that the required parts were available. The service appointment was booked for 10 AM. On arrival, the motorcycle was directly taken for sanitisation, after which the technician took the Himalayan for a quick test ride. While the motorcycle was being sanitised, all the necessary details were digitally registered and an estimated service cost was calculated. The service commencement confirmation was sent via an SMS to the registered mobile number. The issues were also noted, and all the details were passed on to the technician. Our Himalayan suffered from a broken bulb, an occasional front brake issue, and an engine stalling problem at idling speed.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • Displacement411 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported30 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)24.3 bhp
  • Kerb Weight199 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 2,10,576

Royal Enfield Himalayan Left Rear Three Quarter

The test ride by the technician was followed by a quick water wash to get rid of any dirt and mud before the service procedure began. The technician who was assigned to service the Himalayan was well trained and experienced.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine

Regular service takes approximately 90 minutes, although our Royal Enfield Himalayan took longer due to the photography and other issues mentioned above. During the service, parts like engine oil, oil strainer, and oil filter were replaced; while the air-filter and spark plug were removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. The second service does not require an oil change. However, the service consultant will check and replace the engine oil if required. The Himalayan uses two-litres of 15W50 semi-synthetic engine oil. The old oil was properly removed and disposed off in a tank specifically built for the purpose. The technician also cleaned the brake pads and greased all the levers on the motorcycle to ensure smooth functioning.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Drive Chain and Sprocket

It was the second free service of the motorcycle, and thus it did not include labour charges. Post the free services, customers have to pay Rs 855 as labour charge. The free service also does not include chain cleaning and lubrication charges, and you will have to pay another Rs 254 for the same.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Head Light

Our Himalayan required a new bulb as the old one had broken into pieces. The bulb cost Rs 176, and its replacement cost was added to the final bill. The front brake master cylinder was suffering from some issue, although it was replaced under warranty. Lastly, the engine stalling required an ECU update. The update was called Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) number 35 that fixed the throttle position setting at idling RPM to ensure the motor does not stall. We haven’t suffered this issue ever since it was rectified during the service. Once done, owners can take all the old parts home, if they so desire.

What We Liked

Royal Enfield Himalayan Handle Bar

Online booking for a service slot is a welcome feature, and it should appeal to the tech savvy owners. Multiple bays ensured that our Royal Enfield Himalayan was immediately attended and the service process started as soon as the vehicle arrived at the outlet. The staff was helpful and properly trained to handle all the issues that we reported. They were also prompt in their actions and all the aforementioned issues with the motorcycle were swiftly resolved.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Fuel Tank

The service routine was professionally followed, and the technician did not hurry through the process. He ensured that all the parts were checked, cleaned, and oiled/greased (wherever necessary) before they were bolted back to their original position.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Customer Lounge

The sanitisation process and other safety measures to tackle the growing COVID-19 spread were commendable too, and so was the comfortable customer lounge that featured a television set to observe the service process.

What we would want improved

Royal Enfield Himalayan Right Side View

The service experience was smooth, and the technician was able to resolve all the issues with the motorcycle efficiently. The limitations of Service on Wheels initiative were non-existent at the service centre. Thus, we don’t really have a lot of negatives to report. The only issue that we faced was the delay in the final wash that happened due to a malfunction of water supply – but it’s a one-off issue, and it should not happen with others.

Our Take

Royal Enfield Himalayan Right Front Three Quarter

The service experience was pleasant, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan is working absolutely fine after the maintenance. The staff was helpful and well-versed with the procedure, and the Himalayan got all the TLC that it required for a very long time. It was ready for more highway hauls and city miles alike. Yes, the water supply issue delayed the handover time, but that’s a one-off problem that should not affect others. Still, we had a comfortable waiting area at our disposal to relax while the motorcycle was in the service area. Check out the total service cost for the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 below.

Total Service Cost (Second Free Service)

Royal Enfield Himalayan Billing

- Engine Oil Strainer: Rs 143.99

- Engine Oil Filter: Rs 99.01

- Liquid Gun Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil: Rs 678

- Chain Lube and Cleaner Kit: Rs 254.61

- Brake Oil DOT 4: Rs 92.01

- Bulb: Rs 175.99

- Major Kit Front M/C: Replaced Under Warranty

- Consumable Charges for Service: Rs 141.60

- R&R Front Master Cylinder Overhauling (Including Bleeding): Under Warranty

- R&R Head Lamp Bulb: Rs 125.37

Total: Rs 1,710.58

Photo credits: Kaustubh Gandhi


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