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Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

19 May 2022, 08:25 AM Vikrant Singh


KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

Meet Royal Enfield’s latest baby from its apparel side of the business, the Gravity Drystar motorcycle touring jacket. It is made by Alpinestars but sold as an RE-Astars co-branded piece. The jacket belongs to their existing catalogue which means Alpinestars hasn’t designed or engineered this specifically for Royal Enfield. Moreover, it is also the most affordable waterproof touring jacket Astars sells. 

Now, this - the Royal Enfield x Alpinestars collaboration - isn’t the first tie-up that RE has entered into. It started with Rev’It. Then came an elaborate one with Levi’s, for all sorts of casual wear and riding denims. More recently, the company tied up with TCX for waterproof adventure riding boots. And now, we have Astars, which includes a pair of waterproof riding pants and riding gloves (which we will review as well), apart from the jacket we see here. 

The Basics

KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

The Gravity Drystar jacket is the fifth CE-certified touring jacket on RE’s apparel catalogue. And it is the most expensive one. Now, in terms of construction, the jacket uses a 600 denier polyester material on the outside that should give it high levels of abrasion resistance in a relatively high-speed low-side crash. It also gets some additional padding on the shoulders and the elbows to mitigate some of the impact during a fall. 

KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

And of course, it comes with shoulder and elbow armour as standard. A back protector, though, isn’t included in the package. The armour employed is a little different on the RE x Astars Gravity compared to what Alpinestars sells on its own. The RE version runs an upgraded Nucleon Flex Pro Level 2 armour for the shoulder and elbow instead of the Level 1 that is available as standard on the Alpinestars-only Gravity jacket. This Nucleon Flex seems like a wonderful thing. It’s not pre-shaped or stiff, or even bulky like most other armour inserts. And that makes the jacket more comfortable to wear and leave on. 

The Features

KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

Now, one of the big talking points for the Gravity is its Drystar lining. Drystar is Alpinestars’ speak for a breathable, waterproof membrane. In principle, much like Gore-Tex, Drystar too allows for some air to pass through but keeps the water at bay. On the Gravity though, instead of being fused with the jacket, it sits as a separate layer between the outside jacket chassis and the inside mesh lining. It’s not the most premium or sought-after option, but this cost-effective solution also doesn’t take anything away from its waterproofing ability. 

As for the jacket’s touring-friendly features, it comes with three pockets on the outside; two large ones with Velcro flaps to put away things like phones and wallets around the waist, and one pocket at the top for something slimmer. None of the pockets on the outside are waterproof. 

KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

There’s, however, one waterproof pocket on the inside of the jacket. In terms of ventilation, there are two vents under the arms, but instead of channelling the air to the rider’s body directly, these vents direct the air to the Drystar liner. And on a hot day, this will make Gravity a pain to keep on. For colder, high-altitude rides though, it should be good, especially since it comes with a removable warm liner.

KTM 390 Adventure Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket Review

As far as the fit goes, like most touring jackets, the Gravity, too, has opted for a more comfortable or relaxed fit instead of a more urban-centric slim-cut option. To give you an idea — I am 5’9”, my shirt size is 42cm or large, and the medium size of the Gravity fits me near perfectly.  Additionally, it gets Velcro adjustments for the neck, wrist, and waist, and a button closure around the bicep to give the rider a snugger fit.  


The Royal Enfield Gravity Drystar touring jacket then isn’t your do-it-all jacket. It will certainly work in the rains and through the winter months. And, with its handy pockets, good crash protection, and a comfortable fit, it makes for a good touring companion too. But, come the hot and humid climate of the summer and pre-winter seasons, and the Gravity won’t suffice. It is also a tad bulky to use as an everyday commute option. The good news is, if you like RE jackets, there are a bunch of well-ventilated, affordable, and light mesh options for the daily commute, and the warmer seasons. 

Product Details

Make: Royal Enfield x Alpinestars 

Model: Gravity Drystar Touring Jacket 

Price: Rs 17,500

Availability: Royal Enfield Online Store 

Photography: Kaustubh Gandhi