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Grand Pitstop GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack – Introduction

09 November 2020, 06:00 PM Suvil Susvirkar


Helmet Sleeve

More often than not, I’ve caught myself ferrying my helmet around a shopping mall or an airport, and it can get inconvenient. You have to either place it on a counter, a seat or worse, the floor while you go on about your business. There’s always the solution of purchasing a helmet bag that can be slung on the shoulder while you’re off the motorcycle, but it’s an additional piece of luggage that you have to carry around.

Front View

Ever faced a similar situation? Folks at Grand Pitstop have a solution for such a problem – the GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack. This backpack comes with a dedicated sleeve for the helmet. When not in use, you can tuck it in a small pocket and the GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack looks like any other backpack.

Why a backpack with helmet sleeve?

Helmet Sleeve

Apart from the function of a backpack, the helmet sleeve adds more utility to the bag. Most of the helmet is safely covered by the thick sleeve so that you don’t have to worry about scratching it accidentally. However, we would recommend using the stock helmet cover inside the sleeve for added protection.

GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack

Storage Compartment

While the helmet sleeve is the USP for the GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack, it also boasts several pockets – 19 to be precise – for better storage of the contents inside. It also gets an anti-theft zipper design that makes it more secure. There’s a large pocket that can be used to carry clothes for those long weekend rides and it comes with a mesh sleeve to hold the clothes in place. There are smaller pockets, including a hidden one that can be used to keep important documents, mobile charger, power bank, wallet, etc. There’s also a dedicated compartment for a hydration pack.


On the other side of the large pocket are several compartments which can carry electronics like a laptop (up to 17-inch), tablet computer, diary, pens, keys, etc. The laptop and tablet computer compartments get an elastic band to keep the devices in place while on the move, or to stop them from falling in case you open the backpack in a hurry. Close the backpack and you still have four, quick-access pockets – two on the belt and two on the sides – that could be used to store things like driving license, or ID cards. Overall, the backpack is rated for 25-litres of storage.


A full backpack can cause strain and discomfort on the shoulders, which is where the waistband and chest buckles come handy. They are designed to distribute the weight evenly and deliver enhanced comfort. There’s also a rain cover to protect the contents inside the backpack when the heavens pour, but there are two issues with it. Firstly, you cannot use the rain cover when you’re using the helmet sleeve. Secondly, the material used for the rain cover looks flimsy on an otherwise well put together package.

What’s Next?

Front View

We will use the backpack for a few months and talk about it in more details. Until then, check out the complete product details below.

Product Details

Name: Grand Pitstop GR Pack Anti-Theft Backpack

Price: Rs 2,999 

How to buy? Grand Pitstop’s official website or Amazon India

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi