Commuting Option Bajaj Discover 125 ST

04 February 2013, 05:38 PM Vikrant Singh


Bajaj Discover 125 ST

As if Bajaj did not have enough Discovers in the market already, it has introduced yet another version. This one is called the 125 ST and promises to be more than just a daily commuter.

The trick to managing higher sales, it seems, is to have numerous models catering to a single segment. And Bajaj certainly wants more numbers, if for nothing else, just to wrest back its number two spot from Honda. So, following in Maruti-Suzuki's footsteps, which has almost 10 models (not including variants) in the small car sphere, Bajaj is gunning for the commuter motorcycle segment with a similar strategy. But, it will do so with just two brands—Platina and Discover — with multiple variants for both. Take the Discover for instance; there are already four versions of it on sale. There’s the 100 with a four-speed and five-speed gearbox option, there is the 150 and in between, there’s the 125. And, now there’s another new version called the Discover 125 ST


Last known Ex-showroom price

41 Used Bajaj Discover 125 ST bikesstarting at 13,000

The ST is essentially the Discover 125, albeit in new clothes and with some heavy technical modifications in both engine and chassis departments. The styling is more modern now and it looks more imposing and muscular, even though it is smaller than the current Discovers in overall dimensions barring the wheelbase. It does, however, get a bigger fuel tank and a wider tailpiece. The overall width though is narrower, courtesy the reduced width of the handlebar.

It’s also easier to mount, thanks to a lower seat height, and the seat itself is more comfortable. Overall ergonomics though are still very commuter like and work well while tackling city traffic. It also has light controls; the clutch is effortless to engage and changing gear requires no real force. It feels very light on the move too, feeling nimble and less tedious to ride around in the city.

The Drive

Bajaj Discover 125 ST

The ST uses the same chassis as the current Discover 125, but now sports a monoshock at the rear making the ST the first bike in the segment to get one. The setup not only helps the new Discover ride well over almost any surface, it also ensures the 125cc Bajaj doesn’t feel completely out of sorts with a pillion on board. Moreover, at whatever pace it can manage, it handles corners well too. The only limiting factor being the tyres. The engine too is the same as the Discover 125, including the bore and stroke, but the head design is different. The ST sports 4-valves for better breathing at higher revs, much like the Pulsar 135LS. It also makes more power, but churns out exactly the same peak torque as the regular 125, but both figures are achieved at a higher rpm.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST

ST gets a petal type 200mm front disc, which offers good bite and decent feel (left). LED tail lamps look nice, but the rear grab rail is very commuter like.

On the road though, the ST doesn’t feel quicker or more ride-able than the standard bike especially in the low and mid range, which is where it would be ridden the most. But, the ST feels a lot more alive at the top; more than any other 125. It also sounds better at higher revs. In fact, only when ridden hard does the ST feel special and brings a smile to the face, otherwise, it feels quite ordinary.



The Discover 125 ST wants to be more than just a commuter; it wants to bring back youth into the commuting space. In terms of looks, slow-speed flickability and top end performance, it certainly catches the eye. And with some upmarket parts like a 4-valve head and a rear monoshock, it will surely get the enthusiast’s attention as well. It is still an ordinary commuter though, but it remains to be seen how it is priced and what real world fuel economy it manages to return.



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