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Ather 450X 2000km Long Term Review: To Buy or Not?

08 August 2022, 05:30 PM Ajinkya Lad


Ather 450X Gen 2 Right Front Three Quarter

The Ather 450X has been a part of our long-term fleet for over six months. And in this duration, we have tested its city friendliness, took it for a weekend ride, reported on its real-world riding range and charge timelines, and even its OTA updates. And now is the time to wrap up the long-term reports, and tell you what’s good and what’s not so good about the 450X. 

And since Ather has launched the third-gen 450X, we think, it is the right time to tell you how it is to live with on a daily basis, and whether you should consider buying the second-gen 450X?

What’s Good?

Ather 450X Gen 2 Left Front Three Quarter

Looker – Ather has got the styling on point, and the 450X grabs eyeballs wherever it goes. Even the design is sharp and chiselled and draws the attention of onlookers. The overall styling is quite unique and sporty, which is a complete departure from what the market has to offer.

Ather 450X Gen 2 Left Front Three Quarter
Ather 450X Gen 2

Ather 450X Gen 2

  • Mileage - Owner Reported80 kmpl
  • Kerb Weight108 kg
  • ;

Last known Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 1,40,060

Sharp Handler – Underpinned by a monocoque chassis, the Ather 450X is quite light on its feet. Whether filtering through narrow spaces during peak hour traffic or performing the left to right shimmy around bends, the 450X is quite flickable. And on long winding corners, the scooter maintains its composure brilliantly, courtesy of the 12-inch wheels and taut suspension setup.

Performance – EVs are known for their inconsistent performance and heating issues, with some even catching fires. But, Ather 450X is the complete opposite. During these six months of living with the 450X, the scooter had no issue when it came to its performance, range, or even software. We hardly faced any drop in performance across the riding modes, and even the true riding range was within 90-95 per cent of the claimed range.

Low Running Costs – Last but not least, one of the biggest positives of the 450X is its extremely low running cost. We are looking at a per km cost of Rs 0.30, which is almost 10 times lower than a comparable 125cc ICE scooter, considering the skyrocketing fuel prices. What’s more, an EV consists of lesser moving parts, and you don’t need to spend on things like oil, filters etc., which is a considerable saving on maintenance costs.

Ather 450X Gen 2 Electric Bike Charging Input Plug

Charging Infrastructure – One of the biggest drawbacks of owning an EV is the limited charging infrastructure. While we had reported this as a negative in our initial reports, Ather has worked hard to change our perception. Over the course of the past six months, the company has installed two Ather Grid charging stations near my location, which has increased convenience immensely. This has also enabled me to take longer weekend trips to places like Lonavala, which was otherwise out of bounds for me.

Home charging is another option, and we have already established that 90 per cent of EV charging happens at home. You must have a dedicated charging setup at your home or office to live with an electric vehicle. But, even if a home charging setup is unavailable, Ather has you covered with its comprehensive charging infrastructure. However, you’ll have to be meticulous with your planning to charge your scooter.

What’s Not Good?

Ather 450X Gen 2 Right Rear Three Quarter

Ride Quality – The ride quality on the 450X is the biggest Achilles heel for an otherwise well-rounded package. Sure, the ride feels borderline comfortable on smooth, well-paved roads, but even then, you’ll feel the slightest change in surface. On the flip side, the rear sends sharp jolts across your back over broken roads and square-edged potholes. A more pampering suspension setup would’ve made a huge difference in the overall riding experience.

Ather 450X Gen 2 Rider Seat

Seating Comfort – A two-wheeler should feel ergonomically comfortable right when you swing a leg over. Sadly, that’s not the case with the Ather 450X. For starters, the high-placed floorboard entails a knees-up position, which interferes with the handlebar every time you make a U-turn. And then the comfort is further aggrieved by the fact that the seat is narrow and raked at an angle, and offers less support, which increases fatigue on longer commutes.

Ather 450X Gen 2 Right Side View

To Buy or Not To Buy?

You must consider a few things before buying an electric scooter, and those are range, charging infrastructure and user experience. Now, Ather has more or less nailed it when it comes to range and charging infrastructure. However, you need to take a deeper look while talking about user experience.

Ather 450X Gen 2 Right Rear Three Quarter

Now, user experience includes things like day-to-day performance, mechanical soundness, and everyday interaction with the scooter (read: software stability). And here is where the Ather 450X feels above average, but not the best. Don’t get me wrong, the 450X is one of the better electric scooters in the segment from an EV startup. It offers good performance, stable software, and more importantly, one of the best battery management systems. However, overall as a scooter, it lacks the finesse and the mechanical feel that you’ve come to expect of a scooter, be it EV or ICE. And that’s where Ather needs to improve.

So, should this affect your buying decision? Absolutely not! As I told you, the 450X is one of the better electric scooters out there in the market, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Considering that an EV is an absolute necessity, and you are willing to make a few compromises.

Product Details

Make: Ather Energy

Model: 450X

Odometer: 2,042km

Kilometres this month: 395km

Price as tested: Rs 1.36 lakh OTR, Mumbai (including subsidies)

Price today (Third Gen): Rs 1.56 lakh OTR, Bengaluru (including subsidies)

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi


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