200NS - heavy bike not for regular use

February 15, 2014 10:45 PMZippi

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Standard

  • 199.5 cc
  • 40 kmpl
  • 23.2 bhp
  • 152 kgs

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Zippi's Rating

3/ 5
  • Looks4 / 5
  • Fuel Economy5 / 5
  • Performance3 / 5
  • Value for Money4 / 5

Good about this bike

style, price, suspension, fuel economy

Not so good about this bike

weight, carburettor

Full Review


 Style is amazing, you love to see all the style aspects and enjoy admiration from others. The cost for this styling is also justified. This is not a expensive bike if we consider all that it offers.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

 Engine performance (specification) is remarkable. It stands apart from any other Indian bike in market. The engine never feels thirsty for power. But.. it is recommended by bajaj to drive this beast below 48KMPH for first 2000 KM.. what a shame.

Fule economy is amazing - before first service I was getting slightly more than 45KMPL

Gearbox- I am not going to comment about the gearbox as such - I never saw it naked and don't understand the details, but still I would say that 6 gears is a problem. Even for a regular 40-50KMPH speed you need to shift to 6th gear and then on any speedbreaker or bad road spin down to at least 2nd gear.. and up again to 6th then to 2nd.. what a pain. Just to overtake a car from standstill (typically after the traffic signal turns green), I have to put so much of effort to get the correct gear. I don't enjoy this and surely nobody who use this bike for regular travel.

Ride Quality & Handling

 Ride quality is not very smooth, you feel the road. The best part is you will never be afraid of big holes or very very bad roads with this bike, its build gives the confidence that it will handle everything without any breakage.

Handling is tough.. this is not meant for city traffic. It is slightly broader than other bikes around and 6 gears to manage plus the bike is heavy.. I mean it, if you try to maneuver it when it is not upright (during turning etc) it give a hard time. The carburator is not very refined and the RPM goes from 500 to 2000 in idling. Cluthch lever is heavy/tight. Gear lever is not very convinently place. It is not very smooth as well. One have to apply almost double the effort to shift the gear as compared to a splendor.

Final Words

 Good package in reasonable price. Buy it only for the raising your heart-beat and unorthodox driving. This is not at all good for day to day driving

Areas of improvement  

 Weight.. if the bike is lying down, it takes a HUGE effort to pull up the bike. If you have parked it somewhere and wish to push it back after sitting on the bike - it seems almost impossible. You can move this bike only by riding on it and with its engine power.

 Carburattor - it is old technology in this future design bike.

Chain - it is usual in all bajaj bikes - rattling of the chain

Gear shift - we don't want to tell the whole world when we want to change the gear. There should not be such a significant sound expected during gear changes.

Main stand - this should be a standard equipment instead of an accessory.



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The bike is like Black horse
Apr 25, 2017

Bike is very good and it has beautiful sound fuel efficiency is too good gear box is very smooth the bike very sudden pickup it is suitable for all type road the and both tyres are too good it...


Great bike on decent price range
Dec 17, 2016
Kiran Krishnan

Style Pulsar is the bike which redefined the style algorithm of two wheelers in India same as the case with 200 NS also A very bold statement against all other competitors in terms of design


Jan 03, 2015

Style Awesome bike everyone on the road looks at it and whenever i stop atleast one person will ask about the bike Engine Performance Fuel Economy and Gearbox I cant say much about the engine as I


One of the best bikes in this price range
Sep 10, 2014

Style I love it It looks brilliant catches the eye Bloody Sweet Right from the headlight to the tank to the cowl awesome design Engine Performance Fuel Economy and Gearbox Awesome performance

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