Road Test: Royal Enfield Continental GT

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How often do we discuss our favourite motorcycles? What do they include? Cruisers, Superbikes, Retros or may be even the fuzzy little two-strokes from Yamaha’s glory days in India – but how often has a Café Racer been a part of your discussion? If you are from the generation that has grown up watching Sachin Tendulkar become a legend from child prodigy, chances are almost never!

The thing is, café racers were buried in some part of the history books by the time the Indian market was matured enough use 150cc motorcycles. Not many would have bothered to rekindle their magic; but there is a manufacturer who has thrived on selling bikes with the ‘vintage’ and ‘classic’ touch. Obviously Royal Enfield and their love for everything thumping needs no introduction, however, their new product is unlike anything they have ever sold in India. It has classic roots alright, albeit, with a slightly different pedigree.  

Before I left for the ride in Goa, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new model.  Its lineage demanded you to crouch, go fast and also lean into the corners and all of that seemed inconceivable knowing it was a Royal Enfield. RE or not we put it through a proper test hoping to find some more details about the bike that shares its name with one of the most luxurious cars in the world – the Continental GT.

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